Privacy Policy

GDPR compliant-

All the data we provide are from public sources. We can provide a link to the public source for each of the data we provide. We do not send any direct communication seeking consent to these contacts because this has to be specific for your purpose. Our customers who procure data from us do their own consent campaigns that are specific to their business. We work with multiple long term European customers.

Our take is that if data is GDPR compliant or not is specific to the company. How one uses and manages the data will determine that. From our usage and management point, we are GDPR compliant as we inform the European contacts that we have their data in our database. If any of these contacts ask us to remove the data then we remove it from our database and do not share it. Please let me know if you need any further specific information from our end.


If you or any of your industries deal with SkyCognitive, we make sure you have all the below-mentioned rights in accordance with GDPR:

The right of Admittance: When it comes to SkyCognitive, every client or member has the right to obtain information from us concerning whether or not personal data is being used, along with where and how the utilization is happening, making sure people have the right to appeal and get access to their personal data.

Right to Alteration: Clients have the right to attain from us the alteration of imprecise personal data and also the right to provide extra personal data to complete any partially-provided private data.

Right to Removal: In certain cases, clients have the right to get from us the elimination of their personal data, for whatsoever reason.

Right to Constraint of Usage: Clients definitely have the right to obtain from us limit of data use and processing that is appropriate for a certain period and/or for crucial situations.

Right to Portability of Data: Clients have the right to obtain from us in a prepared format personal data and also have the right to convey such personal data to another organizer.

Right to Object: In certain cases, clients have the right to object to the dispensation of their personal data, including with regards to profiling. They also have the right to object to any further processing of any private data, such as data that has been gathered for direct marketing means.

Right to Individual Decision-Making: As per GDPR, clients have the right to not be subject to a choice based solely on automatic processing.

Right to Filing Complaints: One also has complete rights to file grievances with the official data protection authority on the processing of any of their personal data.

Right to Compensation of Damages: In case there is any breach applicable legislation on the processing of personal data, one also has the right to claim recompenses for such breach may be caused.